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The ORIGINAL Cap'n Fish's Lobster Trap Hauling and Seal Watch

1 1/4 Hour Trip

Cap'n Fish originated this trip over 15 years ago to give our Region's visitors an idea of how those delicious lobsters you enjoy at your favorite restaurant are caught, how the traps are hauled and a little background of Maine's famous lobster industry. Enjoy the seals basking on the rocks. Educational. Fun for the whole family. Bring Cameras!

Mid June - July 2 & Sept 3 - Late October, 3:30 PM

3:30 pm July 2 - Sept 2: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
4pm July 2 - Sept 2 Thur, Sat


Capn Fish Lobster Trap Hauling and Seal Watch, Boothbay Harbor Maine Boat Trips

Puffin Nature Cruises

See at first hand the National Audubon Society's success in reestablishing a Puffin Colony on Eastern Egg Rock. Truly a magnificent "Seafari" for all nature lovers with seals, blue heron, an occasional whale and other coastal wildlife along the way.

"Captain Fish's puffin cruises are wonderful experiences for many reasons, not the least of which is the terrific scenery and the miles of coastline between Boothbay Harbor and Eastern Egg Rock.  Perhaps the most unique aspect of the trip is that since the boat travels in deep waters the opportunity to see unusual wildlife like a minke whale or maybe even a finback whale is always there, in addition to offshore species of birds like northern gannets and petrels.  But the real treat is in seeing the busy and exciting colony of Atlantic Puffins at their southernmost nesting island in all of North America.  National Audubon Society is proud of the relationship we've had with the Fish family in collaborating on these eco-tourism cruises ever since the puffins were restored to Eastern Egg Rock, back in the 1980's, and we've been able to serve tens of thousands of people since then on these wildlife explorations."
Peter Salmansohn, Education Coordinator,
Seabird Restoration Program

“The puffin watching trip to Eastern Egg Rock with Captain Fish aboard the Island Lady is a delightful and informed wildlife watching experience.  Audubon is proud to have our naturalists on board to provide passengers with insight into the lives of puffins and other Maine seabirds. “ 
Stephen Kress, Director, Project Puffin

To learn more about the amazing puffins,
visit Audubon’ Project Puffin Visitor Center 

June - 11, 18, 24

10:00 AM

July - Late August -
Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays @ 10:00am,
tuesdays @ 1:00 pm

2 1/2 Hour Tour
ADULTS: $35.00

Cap'n Fishs Puffin Cruise

Whales, Whales, Whales

Exciting ocean voyage aboard the Region's fastest vessels to the feeding grounds of the world's largest mammals. Marine sightings of Humpback, Finback, Minke, Right and Pilot Whales and on occasion the Sperm Whale. Graceful dolphins, sharks, porpoises and seals along the way.
Daily (in season)

Visit our Whale Watch Website for more information

Capn Fish Whale Watch Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Little Bit O'Maine

This trip has been described by passengers as providing our visitors a glimpse of the variety of beauty, wildlife, summer colonies, seals and history that The Great state of Maine has to offer. A favorite close to shore "repeat" by former passengers and always a hit with the newcomers.

Tuesday, 1:00 pm (Early June & mid August-October)
Sunday, 1:00 pm (June & October only)
Monday, 10:00am

ADULTS: $25.00 CHILDREN* $15.00

Little Bit O'Maine

Cap's Special

2 Hour Trip
Of all our trips this may be Cap'n Fish's favorite. Lighthouses, playful seals, snug coves, busy harbors, old fishin' villages, bustling boat yard and summer colonies. Close-to-shore cruising on this one so don't forget to bring your camera and capture it all for the folks back home.

Tuesday 10:00am
Thursday 1:00pm (June & October only)
Sunday 10:00am (early June & Mid August - October)

ADULTS: $25.00 CHILDREN* $15.00

Cap's Special

Damariscove Harbor

- 2 Hour Trip
You'll be in awe with the beauty and thrill of the spectacular Outer Islands of this tour. A nature lovers' delight with osprey and their unusual nests, and seals sunbathing on the rocks or frolicking in the surf along the way. There is even a historic Puritan Indian settlement. A trip to be remembered forever!

Saturday, 10:00am
Wednesday, 10:00am (early June, Mid-August thru October)

ADULTS: $25.00 CHILDREN* $15.00

Damariscove Harbor

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

- 2 Hour Trip
A memorable experience and delightful trip each time. The majestic lighthouse rising high above the pounding surf has been photographed by countless visitors. You;ll also cruise by Seal Rocks, Ram Island and Burnt Island Lights and many other interesting sights.

Monday: 1:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am

ADULTS: $25.00 CHILDREN* $15.00

Capn Fishs Boat Trips Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Boothbay Harbor Boat Trips and Scenic Cruises

Spectacular Kennebec River - Bath Cruise

(Please note) 3 Hour Trip
This fabulous 44 mile trip offers a variety of the wide open sea and close-to-shore cruising. Relive history dating back to colonial days along the Kennebec River. Then let your captain bring you up to date on the latest shipbuilding activity at bath Iron Works. Experience the thrill of passing through Hell Gates and don't forget your camera to snap the seven lighthouses, seals and historic Fort Popham.

July - September (Please note) 3 hr. trip
Thursday 12:40 pm
Saturday 12:40 pm
Sunday 12:40 pm

ADULTS: $32.00 CHILDREN* $17.00

Spectacular Kennebec River - Bath Cruise

Seal Watch Cruises

- 1 1/4 hr. trip
A delightful harbor cruise passing summer colonies, lighthouses, small islands and out to see the seals on the ledges. Fun for the whole family.

Sunday 4:00pm

ADULTS: $19.00 CHILDREN* $10.00

Seal Watch Cruises

Cap'n Combo

- 2 1/2 hr. trip (approx.)
Here it is! Our most popular request - Pemaquid Lighthouse and by South Bristol combined in one spectacular cruise. Seals, lighthouses, Pemaquid Beach, Christmas Cove and Ft. William Henry. Don't miss this one!

Wednesday 1:00 pm
Friday 1:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm (June & October)

ADULTS: $30.00 CHILDREN* $17.00

Cap'n Combo
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

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